#15 – Time for a catch up

Hey guys,

I’m back! Finally! Hooray! Exams are officially OVER (as are my two group holidays and my DofE expedition – but more on those later) and I’m restarting blogging. I was going to get an entirely new site and have a completely fresh start, but I’m waaaay too indecisive to choose a new name (despite the fact that I hate this one) and I don’t really want to delete my old posts (as cringe as they are, they’re still ‘memories’!), so I’m staying here. I have changed a few things though – the header image and logo have changed, as has the background colour (but only ever so subtly). Essentially, I’m trying to convince myself that this is a fresh, new start, and that I’ll actually keep it up this time… 🙂

This time around, to stop myself from just dropping blogging completely again (or to at least try to prevent it), I’m going to stop the whole posting-at-8pm-every-Friday thing, because to be honest, sticking to a rigid schedule was stressful and life sometimes just gets in the way. But I’ll still be aiming for weekly posts!

So, now that the logistics are out of the way, here’s a quick catch up of my life over the past few months! Exams were a very mixed bag – some went okay, some went dreadfully – but if I’m honest I’m just glad that they’re over and am already looking forward to Sixth Form in September. 🙂 3 days after my last exam I had my school prom, which was absolutely brilliant (as was the after party)! Then two days after that, I went on a big group (there were 14 of us!) camping holiday in Woolacombe (Devon) with my friends for 5 days, which was really good fun. I then did a singing concert the next day, a dance photoshoot the day after that (see featured image for one of the photos 🙂 ), and then had a day to pack for a second (!!) group holiday with 7 of my other friends in a bell tent in Cornwall (which was amazing!). I then had a day of rest before going on my silver Duke of Edinburgh expedition (3 days of walking – the first and third days were lovely (even though I was in a lot of pain!) because they were sunny, but the second day was absolutely horrific because there was torrential rain from 10am until 5am the next day!), which I got home from on Wednesday. Needless to say, I’m absolutely shattered!

Next week I’m flying out to America for a family road trip, so I can’t promise that I’ll get the chance to write blog posts (and if I do they’ll be on my phone, so apologies in advance for their terrible formatting!) but I do promise to try! I hope you’re all doing well (I haven’t spoken to anyone in ages!) and please feel free to comment/contact me (via my Contact Page) for a catch up. 🙂
See you next week!

~Alice x


9 thoughts on “#15 – Time for a catch up

  1. It’s so nice to see you start up blogging again as I’ve only recently started blogging and already I’m struggling to keep up ! Also I love that dance photo you uploaded, I do dance too but I’m no where near as good as that ! x

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  2. Hey Alice,welcome back! I’ve pretty much been in the same boat, posted for the first time in a while yesterday due to exam stress etc. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one who has had to take a break! I’m doing NCS at the moment,have you heard of it? X

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    1. Hey, thank you – you too! I’m glad that other people took a break too 🙂 And oh yes, I have heard of that, but I’m not doing it – what exactly does it involve? It sounds good by all accounts 🙂 x


      1. Yeah, in theory… :). It’s two weeks away from home,and two weeks doing a project within the community. Tomorrow, I start the community work. It’s a bit crap, I won’t lie-however, I’ve met loads of brilliant people, so I do feel as if it’s worth It! We weren’t offered D of E at my school as we were all girls-and therefore they automatically assumed we would not be interested 😠 x

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